Freedom Proppants
Freedom Proppants

Installation of 2~180’ Telescopic
Radial Stackers – Kermit, TX

Project Value: $2.3MM
Activities / Roles: Full EPC. Demo of existing systems. General Contractor.
Project Type: Brownfield

Project Description:
NuBlu Energy is proud to showcase a remarkable project that exemplifies our commitment to innovation and efficiency. We undertook the installation of two impressive 180′ Telescopic Radial Stackers, revolutionizing sand stacking systems and contributing to our client’s vision.

Engineering Excellence: At NuBlu Energy, we thrive on innovation. We engineered and procured two cutting-edge sand stacking systems, demonstrating our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in material handling and storage.

Minimal Production Impact: We understand the importance of uninterrupted production. While executing this project, we removed existing stacker conveyors without disrupting production, ensuring a seamless transition to the new systems.

Strong Foundations: To support these colossal radial stackers, we installed new foundations with precision. These foundations are designed to provide stability and reliability, underpinning the efficiency of the entire sand stacking process.

Exceeding Storage Goals: Our client’s goal was clear: achieve 52,500 tons of wet sand storage per side. With our expertise and advanced equipment, we not only met but exceeded this target, providing ample storage capacity for their operations.

At NuBlu Energy, we are not just building systems; we are shaping the future of material handling and storage. Join us on our journey to redefine the possibilities and experience the future of energy with NuBlu Energy.

Project Highlights:
  • Engineered and procured 2 ~ new sand stacking systems.
  • Removed existing stacker conveyors (while not impacting production).
  • Installed new foundations and 180’ radial stackers.
  • Met client’s goal of 52,500 tons of wet stand storage per side.