MICRO LNG - Distributed Natural
Gas Liquifaction Package

MICRO LNG Product Description: NuBlu Energy is excited to introduce an engineering marvel that exemplifies our dedication to innovation and efficiency. Our NuBlu-EPC team embarked on a remarkable journey to design and patent an incredibly mobile mLNG liquefaction plant, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the LNG industry.

Patent-Worthy Innovation: At NuBlu Energy, innovation is in our DNA. Our HR-EPC team’s expertise and creativity led to the development and patent application for an exceptionally mobile 30,000gpd (50TPD) LNG liquefaction plant. This groundbreaking achievement underscores our commitment to redefining the liquefaction landscape.

Efficiency Redefined: The mLNG system sets new efficiency standards. With specific power ranging from 575 to 650 kW/ton (depending on gas composition), it represents a significant advancement in energy efficiency in the liquefaction process.

Rapid Deployment: Time is of the essence, and our mLNG solution recognizes that. Designed to be deployed and commissioned in less than two weeks, it exemplifies our commitment to delivering swift and efficient solutions in the LNG sector.

No External Refrigerant: NuBlu Energy process does not require any external refrigerant to liquefy the natural gas. Our process uses the incoming feed gas as the refrigerant for the liquefaction process. This eliminates the need to procure liquid nitrogen or 99.99% pure propane, butane, etc.

Modular Excellence: The mLNG system comprises five modules, each designed for a specific purpose. The Gas Cleanup Unit (2 skids) ensures natural gas cleanup before liquefaction, while the Liquefaction and Compression Unit (2 skids) provide the necessary refrigeration and compression. The Electrical and Controls module houses essential electrical components, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), instrument air, and the generator interface. Additionally, the power generation genset is a separate 6th module included in the standard configuration.

At NuBlu Energy, we’re not just engineering solutions; we’re pioneering the future of LNG liquefaction. Join us on our journey towards innovation, efficiency, and excellence as we continue to redefine the possibilities in the world of energy. Experience the difference with NuBlu Energy.

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