NuBlu Energy
2019 - 2020
NuBlu Energy

NuBlu Port Allen LNG Facility –
Upgrade DEHY Unit for UOP

Project Value: $1MM
Activities / Roles: Turn-key EPC.
Project Type: Brownfield

Project Description:
NuBlu Energy is excited to present a project that highlights our dedication to innovation and precision in the LNG sector. We successfully upgraded the NuBlu Port Allen LNG Facility’s DEHY Unit to incorporate advanced Molecular Sieve technology from UOP, effectively resolving a Benzene freeze-up issue.

Cutting-Edge Upgrade: At NuBlu Energy, innovation drives our projects. Our HR-EPC team executed a comprehensive upgrade of the gas pretreatment unit, integrating state-of-the-art Molecular Sieve technology from UOP. This upgrade was specifically designed to resolve the Benzene freeze-up issue, ensuring the facility operates at optimal efficiency.

Stringent Validation: We meticulously validated process conditions for the new design, aligning them with the gas pretreatment specification of the LNG process. This validation process guarantees that the facility meets the highest industry standards for gas pretreatment.

Equipment Optimization: To ensure the upgrade’s success, we rigorously assessed existing equipment, piping, valves, and PSVs (Pressure Safety Valves) for compatibility with the new design conditions. Where existing equipment fell short, we procured new, high-quality replacements.

Comprehensive Modifications: Foundations, pipe supports, wiring, and other essential elements were modified to seamlessly accommodate the new design. This holistic approach ensures the upgraded DEHY Unit operates smoothly and efficiently.

Project Highlights:
  • NuBlu-EPC team upgraded the gas pretreatment unit to accommodate new Molecular Sieve technology from UOP to correct a Benzene freeze-up issue.
  • Process conditions for the new design were validated for the gas pretreatment specification of the LNG process.
  • Existing equipment / piping / valves / PSVs were validated for the new design conditions. Where existing equipment was insufficient, new equipment was purchased.
  • Foundations, pipe supports, wiring, etc. were modified to accommodate the new design.