NuBlu Energy
Frac Sand / Aggregates
2018 – 2019
ETX Proppants

1 MTPA Frac Sand Mine - Crane, Tx

Project Value: $15+MM
Activities / Roles: General Contractor for turn-key installation.
Project Type: Greenfield

Project Description:
The Frac Sand Plant, exemplifies our dedication to excellence. In an astonishing feat, we refurbished, reassembled, and commissioned this industrial marvel in under 5 months. Success on this scale is not achieved in isolation. At its zenith, our project site buzzed with the energy of 135 construction personnel, all unified by a common goal: Project Excellence. As the General Contractor, we led by example, taking charge of critical tasks such as the erection of a 5-story steel structure that now stands as a symbol of our engineering prowess.

Our journey to success continued as we raised a towering 13-story sand silo storage system that redefines what’s possible in the industry. Ensuring an uninterrupted flow of energy, we meticulously installed an 1800-foot natural gas pipeline, laying the foundation for efficient operations. A 7000 square foot maintenance building, complete with internal offices, emerged under our skilled hands, a testament to our commitment to seamless operations.

The heart of the project, the assembly, start-up, and commissioning of a cutting-edge 200 ton/hr wash plant and dry plant, represents the pinnacle of our engineering expertise. We laid the groundwork for success by pouring an impressive 7000 yards of concrete, with a single pour of 1600 yards standing as a testament to our unwavering commitment. Our dedication extends beyond completion. We ensure a smooth handover by initiating start-up and commissioning before the facility is delivered to its rightful owner.

At NuBlu Energy, we don’t just build structures; we build legacies. Join us in our journey of engineering excellence, where your vision meets our unmatched dedication, resulting in groundbreaking success.

Project Highlights:
  • NuBlu Energy refurbished, reassembled, and commissioned the Frac Sand Plant in less than 5 months.
  • At the peak, there were 135 construction personnel on site.
  • General Contractor – Self-performed work
    1. Erection of a 5-story steel structure
    2. Erection of a 13-story sand silo storage system
    3. Installation of 1800’ NG pipeline
    4. Erection of a 7000 sq. ft maintenance building including internal offices
    5. Assembly, start-up, and commissioning of 200 ton/hr wash plant and dry plant.
    6. 7000 yards of concrete with the largest single pour being 1600 yards
    7. Start-up / commissioning prior to handing over the facility to the owner
  • Subcontractors
    1. General site grading and excavation – 25-acre construction site
    2. Electrical installation – $1.2MM service work