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Installation of 107,500sq ft Aggregate Drain – Kermit, TX

Project Value: $3.65MM
Activities /Roles: Demo of existing systems. General Contractor.
Project Type: Brownfield

Project Description:
NuBlu Energy is excited to present a groundbreaking project that reflects our commitment to innovation and sustainability. We successfully executed the installation of a remarkable 107,500 sq ft Aggregate Drain, a system designed to efficiently decant wet frac sand while preserving valuable resources.

Cutting-Edge Drain System: At NuBlu Energy, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. This project involved the installation of a vast 107,500 sq ft Aggregate Drain, showcasing our dedication to creating efficient and sustainable solutions for material processing.

Engineering Expertise: Our team’s engineering prowess shone through as we engineered and procured the Drain System with precision. This system is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative and reliable solutions for our clients.

Rapid Moisture Reduction: The Drain System we designed achieved an impressive goal—decanting wet frac sand from 18% moisture content to 4-6% moisture content within just 36 hours. This level of efficiency demonstrates our commitment to optimizing resource utilization.

Adaptable Design: NuBlu Energy’s expertise extends to working with existing infrastructure challenges. We designed the system around existing underground obstructions, ensuring a seamless fit within the operational environment.

Water Reclamation: Sustainability is at the core of our approach. In addition to decanting sand efficiently, we also installed a water reclamation system, complete with sumps and submersible pumps. This system allows us to efficiently manage and reuse water resources, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Project Highlights:
  • HR-EPC team worked with the client’s engineering team to identify the necessary code requirements and design standards for the facility.
  • HR-EPC team developed the design for the facility that includes inlet metering, DeOx Unit, Amine unit, DEHY/SepraSIV Unit, NuBlu Energy liquefaction package, LNG Storage, and LNG Pumps.
  • Updated the design to accommodate severe weather conditions, and moved all the sensitive equipment into enclosures.
  • Scope included sizing all the main process streams and equipment.
  • Deliverable package for the project included all the global level documents.
    (Design Basis, P&ID, PFD, HMB, Plot Plan, Control Architecture, One-Lines, Major Equipment List, Facility TIC, etc.)5