NuBlu Energy
NGL Waste Services

Oilfield Landfill New Cell – Jal, NM

Project Value: $5.5MM
Activities / Roles: GC for turn-key installation.
Project Type: Brownfield

Project Description:
NuBlu Energy is proud to introduce a project that reflects our commitment to innovation and responsible waste management. We successfully executed the construction of an Oilfield Landfill New Cell, a testament to our dedication to sustainability and precision.

Extensive Excavation: At NuBlu Energy, we understand the importance of groundwork. We moved an impressive 500,000 cu. yd. of earth during extensive excavation work, creating the foundation for a sustainable waste management solution.

Advanced Materials: Sustainability is at the heart of our approach. We meticulously installed over 1.2 million sq. ft. of HDPE/Geo-fabric, covering the entire site. These materials enhance environmental protection and contribute to our commitment to sustainable practices.

Comprehensive Turn-Key Construction: NuBlu Energy is your partner for complete solutions. We delivered a turn-key construction project, creating a 14-acre landfill cell. This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless and efficient operation, from concept to completion.

Project Highlights:
  • 500,000 cu. yd. of excavation
  • Over 1.2MM sq. ft. of HDPE/Geo fabric
  • Complete turn-key facility construction of 14-acre landfill cell