QuikDry Product Description: This cutting-edge solution ensures in-process and high-capacity sand drying.  

Sustainable Sand Processing: Innovation is at the core of our approach, and this product is no exception. We pioneered a novel process to dewater sand using a horizontal vacuum belt, not only boosting efficiency but also showcasing our commitment to sustainable sand processing practices. This innovation reduces environmental impact and enhances operational efficiency.

Streamlined Frac Sand Loadout: Damp Sand is the future of Frac Sand. The Quick Dry System allows wet plant effluent to directly feed trucks hauling damp sand product without secondary handling and with zero risk of contamination.

Key Advantages Include:
  • 95% of all wash plant water is re-claimed at the wash plant
  • Frac sand is immediately dried to less than 6% moisture (no retention time required)
  • Wet plant effluent can directly feed a damp sand load out system or the dryplant
  • Increase dryer throughput or reduce natural gas usage
  • Reduce WIP requirements 
  • Reduce loader operators
  • Eliminate contamination in your Damp Sand product
  • No decant piles / drains are required

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