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Salt Water Disposals / Slurry Injection Facilities
NuBlu Energy

Slurry Disposal Facilities

Project Value: $40+MM
Activities / Roles: Full EPC.
Project Type: Greenfield

Project Description:
NuBlu Energy is proud to introduce a series of projects that exemplify our commitment to innovation and efficiency. We have successfully built eight Slurry Disposal Facilities across the Permian, Eagle Ford, and Haynesville regions, demonstrating our expertise in providing comprehensive solutions.

Significant Investment: We have invested over $40 million in the construction of these Slurry Disposal Facilities, a testament to our commitment to providing top-notch infrastructure that meets the highest industry standards.

Full-Service Expertise: NuBlu Energy is your partner for comprehensive solutions. We self-performed permitting, engineering, procurement, and construction for these facilities, ensuring a seamless and efficient process from conception to completion.

  • NuBlu Energy and members of NuBlu Energy have built eight (8) Slurry Disposal Facilities in Permian, Eagle Ford & Haynesville.
  • Installed over $40+MM worth of Slurry disposal facilities.
  • Self-performed permitting, engineering, procurement & construction for these facilities.