NuBlu Energy
XTO Energy

XTO Metering Station – Jal, NM

Project Value: $1.1MM
Activities /Roles: Full EPC.
Project Type: Greenfield

Project Description:
NuBlu Energy is proud to present a project that exemplifies our expertise in construction and dedication to precision. We successfully completed the construction of a XTO Metering Station, showcasing our commitment to providing efficient and reliable solutions.

Turn-Key Excellence: At NuBlu Energy, we specialize in comprehensive solutions. We delivered a turn-key 100,000 bbl/day metering station for produced water. This facility is a testament to our commitment to efficiency and excellence in every aspect of construction.

Stainless Steel Precision: In this project, we installed a 30″ 300# class stainless steel piping system. Our attention to detail and precision ensure the integrity and reliability of the piping, critical for the safe and efficient operation of the metering station.

At NuBlu Energy, we’re not just constructing facilities; we’re building the future of energy infrastructure. Join us on our journey towards innovation, precision, and excellence as we continue to shape the landscape of construction. Experience the difference with NuBlu Energy.

Project Highlights:
  • Turn-key 100,000 bbl/day metering station for produced water.
  • Installed 30” 300# class stainless steel piping.